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Posted on February 10, 2012 at 10:45 PM


      So as you guys probobly know that havn't been any "updates" lately slash at all. Well thats because we need ourselves a good o'l community of animators. I mean theres no point of making a website like this and constantly updating unless we have a group of people to show it off to. So if any of you here that wants to be a part of this, refer the site to friends, email them do whatever. Everything helps. But as for kinds of constant updates, you already know about the weekly animation and comments and blablablablablah. But what about for this? Well here's one interesting thing...


     Our good friend 6mmmmmm here has given me an interesting idea that could become a possiblity in the future. They're like achievements but for animating. So there would be a quests page right? And you'd start out at level 1 (go figure) and to get to level 2 you'ed have to do a level 2 quest successfully like: make a car drive in a circle. And if we find you completed it, you'ed go up a level and have to complete a harder quest. Like.... Make a qalking segment of a charater, create a dragon with a magic power, or make an animation with a plot, characters, and ending. As for how this will work, well thats unknown to us... but hopefully the powers of html will help us with that.

User blogs

     What if we were to make a blog-forum? I thought about last night and found it an interesting idea. There would be a seperate page for this called the forum but it would act as a blog. Users would post topic and users would respond, simple. But why not just make a normal old blog like your suppose too. Well because webs free version forums SUCK. You can only have a max of 5 topics (or sections I can't remember) now webs is awesome and I love it, but this is a stupid feature. So ya user blogs are more fun anyway.

Heres a picture of a mongoose

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Reply 6mmmmmm
10:25 AM on February 11, 2012 

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